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Install CCTV in all slaughterhouses

Boys and girls have presented new cases of animal cruelty towards animals inside a slaughterhouse in Castilla La Mancha.

Lambs that bleed to death without being stunned first, cows being hit, and a horse that took almost three minutes to die. 

In Castilla y Leon, Navarra and Community of Valencia a Non Legislative motion has been presented for debate and voting for the installation of cameras in slaughterhouses, according to our action protocol. This measurement will have an impact on about 140 slaughterhouses. 

We continue working with companies and autonomous communities for the progressive implementation of surveillance cameras inside  slaughterhouses, with the ultimate goal of helping ensure animal welfare and food safety policies.

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Riaza's slaughterhouse


El Barraco' slaughterhouse (Ávila)

Villarejo de Salvanés' 

slaughterhouse (Madrid)


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