We work together with individuals, companies and institutions to achieve breakthroughs that can promote farm animal welfare. Besides, we promote reduction of meat consumption, contributing to slow down climate change. 


All this can only be made through a collaborative and inclusive attitude, and by sharing values that can guide our ways of working and becoming better people.

Our Foundations are based on honesty.

We have made enough mistakes to know that without honesty, goals become muddled. We are humbled by our experiences, and have learnt this is the best way of dealing with our weaknesses and our strengths. The honesty among us has been cultivated through countless hours of shared joys and horrors.

The fun in learning.

We create environments where everyone can be heard and taken into account, where knowledge flows. We learn from anyone willing to teach.

We love to have fun learning and teaching how to protect and nurture everything we love.

We embrace diversity.

Our ways of thinking are wonderfully different. Diversity enriches and complements us, and provides us with tools to develop more thorough campaigns. We change our world with the warm encouragement of those who preceded us. Their work overcomes us and makes us understand that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

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